10 June 2009


I find myself in the midst of an unexpected hiatus from posting, due to extensive preparations for an upcoming series of posts and other more lamentable distractions. The normal, if already scanty, schedule will resume in a week or two. In the meantime, I encourage visitors to amuse and enrich themselves at the following excellent locations:
  • Feuilleton - The blog of John Coulthart is full of interesting things to discover and rediscover.
  • Les Délices de M. Ogre - For those who can read a little French, Monsieur Ogre has crafted a beautiful experience. Among other things, he is creating a breathtaking vision of the life of Arthur Rimbaud, providing images and sound along with the poet's writings and letters. Click here to view only those posts (in reverse order).
  • Looking With My Eyes at Sight-Things and Hearing With My Ears Sound-Things - Jon Cone's collection of YouTube treasures will keep anyone entertained for hours.
  • The Tarpeian Rock - A blog full of beautiful and rare items painstakingly displayed and discussed, along with an extensive list of links to explore.
Please enjoy the fruits of these remarkable individuals' labor, and, following the advice of the Good Soldier Švejk, "Take it easy!"

Good Soldier Svjek, Jaroslav Hasek, To chce klid, take it easy!

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