26 February 2009

confession continued

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It is many years now that I have had only myself as object of my thoughts, that I have been examining and studying only myself; and if I study anything else, it is in order promptly to apply it to myself, or rather within myself.

-Michel de Montaigne

is baseball holy? is everything holy? is aligators holy? is the world holy? is the basketball holy? is the organ of man holy?

are holy flowers holy? is the world holy? is glasses holy? is time holy? is all the white moonlight holy?

empty rooms are holy? neal holy? toy holy? byzantine holy? mark holy? is the american flag holy? is girl holy? is your sister holy? what is holy?

and car holy? and light holy? is holy holy? are you holy?

(Adapted from Pull My Daisy, the first video on the linked page. The second video is also worth watching, but I wouldn't recommend reading the essay underneath.)


Oktober said...

fyi: aligators isn't holy.

Oktober said...

holy comforter is holy.