24 November 2008



Read the items in the list one at a time. Close your eyes and picture each one vividly as you can. Imagine it in whatever context comes to you. Picture it with every feeling it brings with it. When your picture is complete, count to ten. Then move on to the next thing on the list.


dark night sky

red brick

a silhouette in a window

white lights on a marble theatre

copper-green statues

shadows on the wall

This is an experiment in showing you the inside of my head. It is an explanation, but not the kind you find in books. Dreams are an explanation of your mind. This is something like a dream I have had every day for the last week.

It is not poetry unless the inside of my head is poetry.

Imagine asking for directions in a country where no one speaks your language. You have to communicate somehow. When you open your mouth, sounds come out. You disassociate from yourself because you are too embarrassed to take responsibility for what you are saying. You watch yourself as if from the outside. You gesture wildly. It is raining. There is no time to think about it. You speak from your gut. Somehow, you make yourself understood.

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